Elecard Buffer Analyzer

Elecard Buffer Analyzer 2.1

Elecard Buffer Analyzer performs analysis of the decoder video buffer
2.1.91123 (See all)

Elecard Buffer Analyzer is a part of Elecard StreamEye Studio, a set software tools for video compression analysis. It performs analysis of the decoder video buffer parameters to ensure system operation stability.

- Plotting of the buffer fullness curve
- Ability to save chart as a bitmap file
- Ability to select a stream for analysis, if the file contains several streams
- Ability to save the analysis report to .TXT file. Generated report contains the following information:
- Buffer size
- Bitrate value
- Frame rate
- Detected buffer overflow and underflow errors
- Bitrate type (CBR, VBR)
- Total and average padding (for MPEG-2 and AVC streams)
- Specific format information
- Displaying (and saving to .TXT file) of the following frame information:
- The frame number in the stream order
- The time of frame removal from the buffer
- Frame size
- Padding size (for MPEG-2 and AVC streams)
- Frame type (for MPEG-2 and AVC streams)
- The time of frame arriving into the buffer (AVC)
- Ability to interrupt and resume stream parsing

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